Female roles and behaviors in relationships. How to achieve harmony in a pair with the help of Transurfing?

  1. "Favorite" female roles in relationships
  2. How to find a balance between roles and not lose yourself real?
  3. Your partner is a mirror
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If you are in a happy harmonious relationship, receive love, support, care, respect from your partner, and answer it yourself, then, most likely, this article will not reveal anything new to you. If you want to make relationships easier and happier, fill them with beauty, play, drive, passion - we are ready to offer advice, as with Transports make your couple the happiest. This article is for women who are ready to realize their responsibility in relationships, to see the real causes of problems and to start acting differently, using different behaviors. Dear men, offer to read the article to your beloved.


We all play certain roles in relationships, especially women, actresses by nature, who are pleased to try on various images and masks. A girl who plays easily and naturally, is able to switch in time, take all the best from different roles and not lose herself real, be aware of her motives and needs, attracts interested men and, as a rule, later creates a strong and harmonious family. But the difficulty is that many women “fall asleep” in one of the roles and “grow together” with it, forgetting about their essence and desires, accumulating resentment towards the partner and making claims to him.

"Favorite" female roles in relationships

Victim. Such a woman puts the responsibility for her life on the partner, blames him for all her unfulfilled desires, unwarranted expectations and undisclosed talents. Gradually she loses herself, and the man loses interest and respect for her.

For example, Olechka is a wife and mother of two children, who during all ten years of marriage only did that she complained to her husband about the circumstances: she didn’t finish her studies at the institute, wasn’t realized in work, she couldn’t cope with the children ... It’s not surprising that one day the husband left positive woman.

Bitch This woman hides her feelings under the cold mask of confidence and selfishness. Everything she does, she does only for herself. Even if she loves a man with all her heart, the role of a bitch does not allow her to show her emotions, to show tenderness and affection.

Kira is a successful business woman who shines in the office and at the negotiations, but drowns lonely evenings with red wine. In her mind, the installation is firmly entrenched: either the family - or the career. Therefore, none of her lovers, she does not give a single chance to create a serious relationship.

Mistress Mistress. Such a woman often attracts married men, unwittingly and suffering from it. She plays the role of a mistress: playful, affectionate, passionate and feminine, but forgets about the other qualities that men want to see in his wife.

Jeanne - a woman is bright and spectacular. From the very youth she is bathed in admiring male views and compliments. She has long been ready to create a strong family, but the gentlemen for some reason do not call her a crown. “I don’t see you as a wife,” a fan once confessed to her ...

Mama. A woman playing the role of a mom will feed you with cutlets, smooth your shirts perfectly and put you to bed on a starched bed ... But over the years my husband loses her passion and gradually becomes more and more childish.

Marina is a housewife who devoted herself entirely to home and family. And everything would be fine, but only the husband next to her loses his strength and begins to feel like a child under the endless stream of obsessive care: soup pour! ".

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How to find a balance between roles and not lose yourself real?

It is believed that the ideal woman is the one that combines all the best roles. "The queen in the living room, the mistress in the bedroom and the mistress in the kitchen" - have you heard such a setup? In fact, dear girls, you should not try to fit the standard, break yourself and “sharpen” under the invented template of the “ideal” woman. You are all different, and you are beautiful in its uniqueness.

The secret of harmonious relationships is simple:

you need to be able to listen to yourself and your man.

Listening to yourself means being aware of your desires, including the inner Caretaker , find your true goals and move towards them, trusting your World, relaxing and enjoying the process, from every passing moment ... Then you will be self-sufficient and you just don’t want to complain to your man, shift responsibility for your life and unfulfilled dreams to him .

Listening to a man means using a technique. maid of honor , tune in to his individual parameters, be able to feel his needs and give him what he wants at the moment. Today he needs support and inspiration, tomorrow you can indulge him with a delicious dinner, and the day after tomorrow you can play a little and flirt with him. And yesterday, when he came home from work gloomy and sank into silence, it was better to let him be alone and think things over, rather than pestering with obsessive questions and reproaches.

And yesterday, when he came home from work gloomy and sank into silence, it was better to let him be alone and think things over, rather than pestering with obsessive questions and reproaches

As soon as you learn to feel and understand your partner, at least half of the quarrels will disappear from your relationship. And “smoothing sharp corners”, being sensitive, inspiring your man and filling the union with harmony is precisely a female role. Once you have mastered it, he will put whatever you want at your feet.

That is what we teach on online intensive "Conscious Femininity" our women: understand yourself, understand your partner, fill relationships and life with ease, play, light, beauty and a constant sense of celebration.

For 3 months we help them to reveal their talents, to accept their uniqueness, to become more feminine, harmonious and sexy, to gain "wholeness" and self-confidence.
Here are examples of participants in the previous thread:

- Who has not seen for several months, they say: “Another person, you are shining all over! ".
- The husband wears on his hands, loves like in the first months of dating, jealous.
- There are a lot of changes: starting from a toned body and ending with expensive gifts.
- I was a talented artist. I have never experienced such a creative uplift in my life!
- Financial flow increased imperceptibly by itself - new customers came.
- I fell in love with myself and I gained inner strength, I heard myself about my desires.

Begin to unfold like a beautiful flower already at the first online meeting of the course! You will get efficient Trans-surfing tools.


We change non-working behaviors to new ones

Almost all of our behaviors and attitudes are drawn from childhood itself. We take them from our parents and unconsciously begin to follow them ourselves. And well, if the relationship of parents were strong and happy ... and if not? After all, as often happens: it seems from the outside that everything is fine in the family, but in fact the two stay together only for the sake of the children, because of the common living space, or simply out of habit, considering relations as a norm, devoid of respect, passion and tenderness ...

First of all, we need to realize what alien stereotypes, patterns and ineffective behaviors we use in our lives. Maybe we are used to constantly blaming a partner for earning little, comparing him with other, more successful men?

Maybe we too often play the role of a capricious and spoiled girl who only does what needs attention? Or, perhaps, we overrepresent the partner, treating him as a child?

We offer you to get rid of this baggage. Up to, to write out all the negative attitudes and familiar patterns of behavior on a piece of paper, and then burn it. Start experimenting. Act differently. And watch the result.

Your partner is a mirror

Remember, according to the principles Transports , we get what we broadcast.If you broadcast frustration, resentment, indifference - Mirror World and your partner, in particular, give you a boomerang.If you share love with a man and show respect, he will love and respect you in return.Otherwise, it’s just not your man.

Before trying to change a partner, think about it: you are accused only because you allow yourself to be blamed, you are not respected, because you allow yourself not to be respected. Yes, you cannot force a partner to respect you, but you can begin to respect him yourself, and he "mirrors" this attitude.

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