How to choose speakers for your computer?

Now it is difficult to imagine a home computer without speakers

Now it is difficult to imagine a home computer without speakers. There were no speakers on my first computer, but I was happy without them. Now - music, movies, various games, in which there will be no meaning without sound.

If you are not particularly important sound of your computer, you can take cheap plastic speakers and forget about it. But if you are a connoisseur and lover of high-quality sound, then you need to learn a little about how to choose speakers for your computer. It is clear that multiband speakers will have a better sound. Do not neglect the material from which the speakers are made.

Speakers made of wood, make the sound better than plastic, but at the same time, plastic speakers have a greater variety in design and color.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is best to adjust the sound on the speakers themselves. This is done with the volume control, as adjusting the sound through the application or the operating system is inconvenient and in most cases incorrect.

Pay attention when buying speakers and on features such as power and sensitivity. These are two different things. Many people think that this is the same thing, but it is not. Power is an indicator of the maximum power of the signal being conducted by the system to function without distortion and damage to the speakers.

At home, the power of the speakers is measured in the range of 20-50 watts. And it does not affect the volume, as many people think.

But the sensitivity of the speakers just to the volume of the sound has a direct relationship. The greater the sensitivity, the louder the speakers will sound. Well, in conclusion to the question of how to choose speakers for the computer, I want to say that to play multiband speakers, it is necessary for your sound card to support this feature.

Resolved with the choice of speakers? For lovers of live music, life hacking is like do karaoke on your computer .

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Resolved with the choice of speakers?